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DB Snapshots

Complete database snapshots available for download.

Some users may wish to download a full copy of Neotoma's relational database directly to their local computers, or to serve some component of Neotoma's data through their own site. This option is often preferred by users who wish to develop highly customized data queries or download large numbers of sites.

Database snapshots are generated regularly. The file -'latest' will always point to the most recent snapshot. Two instances of the database are provided: the full database, and a schema-only structure. Additionally, we can generate on request a smaller snapshot comprising all data in one of Neotoma's Constituent Databases.

There are two ways to use the database snapshots:

  1. Download and install the latest snapshot directly. Snapshots are provided in a PostgreSQL custom-format archive and include brief usage instructions. These are generated at least quarterly
  2. Alternatively, a Docker container provides the most recent snapshot of the Neotoma Paleoecology Database in a Posgres RMDS. This container will allow the user to use Postgres and PostGIS capabilities without having to directly install the software on their own computer. Read more about this option via the GitHub repo here.

View online documentation for the Neotoma Database.